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FFL/NFA Transfers

Our License is already on file with a majority of the big name online retailers- Brownells, Midway, Gunbroker, Palmetto State, Primary Arms, and many more. You are welcome to select our license and ship your firearm to us. No notification beforehand is required; we will contact you when your piece arrives. Note. We do accept transfers from private individuals provided they include a photo copy of valid government ID.

FFL Transfer

We offer one of the Cheapest Transfer rates in the area at $30 Per Firearm

NFA Transfers

NFA Transfers are $125. Prices includes Silencer Shop Fees for Digital Filing of Paperwork.



General Gun Repair and Maintenance
$45 Per Hour
* 1HR Minimum

Scope Mounting and Boresight

Mount and Level Customer Supplied Bases/Rings/Scope and Laser Boresight to 25 Yards
$45 Per Firearm

Armorer Work

Handgun Night/Competition/Suppressor Sight Swap, Removal, or Install
$45 Per Sight Set

AR15 Upper/Lower Build Outs  & Part Installs/Swaps
Starting at $45

Detailed Gun Cleanings

Detail Strip – Clean – Lubricate of Rifles, Shotguns, and Handguns
$40 Per Firearm

Custom Laser Engraving

Let us help bring your designs to life on nearly any type of metal around. Using our 30 Watt Poly Metal Laser, we can engrave tumblers, knives, grips, jewelry, PMAGS, backplates, pistol slides, and AR Uppers/Lowers. We also do NFA engraving, custom Glock pattern stippling, and Sig Sauer pattern stippling.

Glock/Sig Grip Stipples

Starting at $150

We have standard templates on which to base your design, or feel free to completely customize your grip.

Magpul PMAGS

$15 One Side Graphic/Text
$18 Double Sided

NFA Engravings

 Engraving for Firearms $75

NFA engravings with ATF-approved size and depth.

Custom Pieces/Items/Logos

Starts at $45

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